Sunday, March 8, 2015

Windhaven Coronets

I was commissioned to make a pair of new coronets for the Barony of Windhaven in Northshield. The original plan was to do the serpent in each blue circle surrounded by a laurel, but due to the size of the circles the serpents would be just to tiny, so we modified the idea to alternate serpents and laurels. The serpent, which has a specific heraldic name I can't remember, is the main charge on their Baronial arms.

I tried some new techniques on these like using leather lace to do the edging. It came out well but not perfect, but for a first time I think it worked. I only have pictures of one of these since they are identical except one is bigger around than the other. "Windhaven Coronets", 23 and 23.5 inches around, leather with Acrylic and imitation jewels.


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