Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Currently For Sale

I currently have 4 pre-made coronets for sale. These are all size 22 (what I have found to be the average head size). These are all between 2 and 3 inches tall. If you are interested in one of these please let me know. If you like one of these designs but want it in a different size, I can make that!

 Golden Flower Coronet  $100.
Red and Gold Acanthus Coronet $200.
 Silver Fleur Coronet $200.
 Gold and Garnet Coronet $200.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Spiffy Coronets

Here are some that show a bit of extra spiff. Some were done because I liked the design idea or because they were commissioned.

More Landed Baronial Coronets

Here are some other coronets done for various landed Baronages, these were done for Bhakail in the East and more from the the Bright Hills and the last for a Barony in the East (I think) .

Landed Baronial Coronets

These were done for setting Baron and Baroness. Some are somewhat elaborately cut.  I am very happy to know that these were worn by those serving their baronies and gave them spiff with comfort.. This shows the new coronets for the Barony of Ponte Alto in Atlantia (bottom picture) and Blackstone Mountain in AEthelmarc second from bottom). And older one for the Bright Hills in Atlantia (on top) and the second one is for the barony of Arnhold (can't recall the Kingdom name) .

Ladies Coronets

Here are some leather coronets that I have done for ladies. The first was for Baroness Ro and the second for Baroness Belphoebe and the last for Baroness Swieczka. Ro and Belphobe's have wooden flues on them. Swieczka's  actually leans out from the center instead of being straight up and down.

My Personal Coronets

I have done many leather coronets, starting with my own personal ones and one for my husband. These are cut and painted leather with imitation stones. Designs are based on or inspired by metal crowns/coronets from period. I have not yet found any documentation for leather ones being done in period. But these are cheaper, easier to make and SO much more comfortable to wear! Here are a couple of my personal coronets.